Create value

Deliver value to users.

Provide internet technical services for users’ requirement.

From idea to plan, from UI design to function develop, order your one-stop services.

Products: mobile H5, mobile APP, Wechat based develop, website, etc.


Finish first, then perfect.

Finish efficiently and then make it perfect, keep polishing until the last moment.

We are responsible for each pixel and each line of code in our products.

Let users be satisfied.

Efficient coordination


Ordinary partner gather together and become a powerful team.

We are young, we are funny and we know how to create and cooperate.

Efficient collaboration, creating new Internet speed to surprise users.


Willing to innovate, wiling to learn, willing to update knowledge, learn in fight without fear.

Use the latest technology to achieve more than users expect.


It is worthy because the commodity has price, the sentiment is priceless, the function has the price, the technology is priceless, the product has the price, the friendship is priceless.

Choose Jandou and users can feel worthy and reliable.

Simple & Passion

Designing and coding with passion and love.

Because of passion, we focus; because of simple, we pure.

Because of love, users can feel the happiness of design and code.

JianDou, is not just a job, it’s our life’s work.

More simple

Simple, tidy, easy, let user enjoy the beauty of minimalist.